July 24, 2021


Common Core Math 2 – Geometry Unit 1 Vocabulary

As I begin to help students at , a tutoring center in Apex, NC prepare for Common Core Math 2 / Geometry, I have decided to include some of the material online to make it available to all students who are beginning this course. The first thing that a student needs to know about Geometry […]

Gifted Children, our education system, and grade skipping

I have been reading a lot on the pros and cons of grade skipping. I will admit that I had some initial bias and thought grade skipping was a bad idea. I had that opinion without giving it a lot of thought, it just seemed that most people felt that way and I had been […]

Should Partial Credit Be Awarded on Math Tests?

This is a debatable subject. Math teachers seem to be on one side or the other. When asked for reasoning, I hear things such as, “No partial credit should be given because the real world doesn’t allow for things to be wrong.” Other teachers are very busy and don’t have the time to look at […]

Geometry: Translations, Reflections, Rotations, and Dilations

One unit covered in Geometry deals with the concept of translations, reflections, rotations, and dilations.  This article will serve to summarize some the major points for students studying these topics. Specifically, the article goes over topics including how to use “identity-type” matrices to find reflections and rotations. [Read More]

Teaching Multiplication Facts

Multiplication facts are part of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study curriculum for the third grade.   Eventually we hope that students will just “know” their facts – in other words, they are memorized but when first learning facts, it is best to teach students strategies for finding facts.  This allows students to always have a fall back plan in case they “forget” the fact and it makes them quicker to learn. [Read More]

How to Teach Division to Children

In order to learn division, the student must first have a good understanding of multiplication. The child doesn’t need to be perfect but should know the majority of the facts or have a reasonably quick strategy to figure out the answer. [Read More]