August 9, 2020

Apex-Math Videos

I hope to keep my videos:

  1. personal
  2. short
  3. organized
  4. study-ready

Personal:  I want to reach of you as a person, like it is a conversation between just you and me.  I am a veteran teacher and tutor.  I am going to try videos from both angles, on a large white board in front of a class and on a small white board, like we were tutoring one on one.

Short:  Each topic that I want to present, doesn’t need to be long and involved.  I want to get to the point quickly and do many videos.  Each one will allow the topics to be broken down into smaller pieces and some videos will need to be grouped as a cluster to grasp the entire “unit.”  For example, I will teach all the pieces that go along with graphing a quadratic and have one or more videos where I pull all of that together, those videos will assume mastery of the previous videos, but this will allow me to keep each video reasonably short.  No one wants to sit for an hour at a math video!  Let’s learn what to do and move on.

Organized:  Staying organized in mathematics is very important.  I encourage each of you to take notes and stay organized with me!

Study-ready:  Teachers don’t teach students how to study for math tests.  I want to provide individual videos on this topic as it is so important but also provide study notes for the student in each video.  Write down the steps, you will need them.  Very few teachers break down the information, they do an example but all those steps run together, we will always break it down and make notes about what to do.

Topics:  I have so many ideas of topics to do but eventually will start taking requests so that I can help each of you as the school year goes on.  You can always suggest a topic in the comments section of You-tube or emailing directly.  Be sure to like my videos when you leave comments and requests.  There is so much math to get to… Kindergarten through Algebra 2 is my goal but my first videos will start with middle and high school mathematics, especially some of the harder topics that don’t need to be so hard!


About lynne

Apex-Math was started by Dr. Lynne Gregorio. Lynne has been working in the field of mathematics education since 1989. She received a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University in 1998. She has taught everyone from Pre-K students to doctoral students. She runs the Apex Learning Center in North Carolina where she tutors students in reading, spelling, writing, and mathematics. She has recently started developing curriculum so that she can reach a broader range of students across the nation. She is married and has 4 children. She is currently homeschooling her oldest son for his senior year of high school.