June 20, 2021

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Progressive Math Now Available

Progressive Math Level One is now available in a hard copy. Our digital copy has been finalized and is also for sale.

This is the first book is a series of mathematical books designed to provide a fresh approach to mathematics that approaches math in small progressive steps. The goal of the course is to build a student’s new knowledge of concepts from their existing knowledge. The book provides teachers and parents with lessons on how to work with the child on these concepts and includes sample dialog. It provides many pages of practice that gradually increases in difficulty and provides constant review. The topics are carefully chosen so that they all link to topics that the student has already had exposure to.

Topics that are focused on in this book include:

  • Patterns (and applying patterns to applications such as counting money and adding without using fingers)
  • Addition Facts – we stress teaching students overall number sense and ways to learn their facts without having to count on their fingers.
  • Subtraction Facts – we use methods that allow students easier and less frustrating ways to find solutions to subtractions facts, especially harder facts such as 16-7.
  • Telling time to 5 minutes – we use the student’s previous knowledge of counting by 5’s and link this together to build the concept of telling time.
  • Counting Money – student’s use their pattern abilities and apply this with concrete visuals to learn how to easily count money.
  • Word Problems – we help students learn to look for key words to help them decide if the problem is asking them to add or subtract.
  • Getting prepared for Multiplication and Division – there are times when teaching early material lends itself to introducing concepts that prepare students for later concepts, we don’t ignore these situations, we embrace them and we introduce students to the idea that doubling a number is the same thing as multiplying times 2.
  • Place Value – In order to move forward, students need to understand place value – we have units in the book that address this issue and give students practice in locating the place value of numbers to the hundreds.

We feel our series is very different and advantageous over many of the traditional books available. We give students tools that other books do not. Other books just give practice. We teach students “tricks” and new ways to think. If they just can’t memorize that 9 + 8 = 17, what other options do they have but counting on their fingers every time? We provide them other options!