June 20, 2021

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FREE WORKSHEET: Multi-Step Word Problems

After searching for some multi-step word problems on the internet, I could not find any that were hard enough to match the North Carolina homework questions that my third graders were getting and struggling with. If this is going to be a goal for 3rd graders (and it is a high goal as this is a challenge for third grade math students that struggle) then the teachers need to provide a lot more practice in class and outside of class on these types of problems. Instead, I continue to get frustrated as they just advise parents that their child can’t do these, that it is a problem, and yet push on forward. So, in an attempt to provide more practice – I hope these problems can be copied and used by others!

1. Red buckets can hold 3 apples and blue buckets can hold 5 apples. If Joy has 4 red buckets of apples and 5 blue buckets of apples, how many apples does she have altogether?

2. A string is 7 yards long. Jeff needs 2 feet of string and Lori needs 15 feet of string. If they both cut their string, how much string will be left over?

3. A toy box can hold 9 toys. A toy carton can hold 6 toys. Jen brings 2 toy boxes and 5 toy cartons of toys to donate to an orphanage. How many toys did she bring?

4. A ribbon is 5 yards long. Carol uses 5 feet of ribbon for her craft. April uses 6 feet of ribbon for her craft. How much ribbon is left over?

5. A van can hold 4 adults and 2 children. A car can hold 2 adults and 2 children. If 5 vans and 2 cars go on a camping trip, how many people are able to go on the trip?

6. Wendy has 5 packages of macaroni and cheese to donate to a day care center. Each package contains 10 boxes of macaroni and cheese. If she hands out 45 boxes to the center, how are left over?

7. Kimi has an album with pokemon cards in it. Each page holds 36 cards. She has 6 pages total. If she chooses to give 10 cards to her brother, how many cards does Kimi have now?

8. Tommy has candy bags prepared for his party. There are 8 bags of candy. Each bag contains 4 pieces of candy. If little brother Harry sneaks two bags for himself. How many pieces of candy does Tommy need to buy to replace what Harry stole?

9. Keelie has 42 pieces of paper for her friends for an art project at her party. If 7 friends come over, how many pieces of paper will each person get?

10. There are 3 red baskets, 5 blue baskets, and 2 orange baskets. Each red basket has 2 gifts in it. Each blue basket has 3 gifts in it. Orange baskets can hold 10 gifts. How many gifts are there in all?