June 20, 2021


Apex Math provides the best mathematics curriculum from elementary math to Algebra available for use by educators, tutors, homeschool families, parents, and students. We offer free interactive programs as well as complete e-courses for a nominal fee.
  • Apex-Math Products are progressive in nature.  Each lesson is linked into previous knowledge.  We show the student how to build on their current knowledge to learn new information.
  • Apex-Math teaches concepts with small steps that gradually get more difficult so students build mathematical self-confidence and see the work as easy with each step only adding one small additional piece that is easily mastered.
  • Apex-Math provides continual review.  In traditional math programs, math topics are taught in a random order and students forget old topics when new topics are introduced.  Our program provides continual review so that the student gets practice and stays sharp from previous material.
  • Apex-Math is skill based, not grade-level based.  In other words, students begin in Level One and proceed through each level.  Upon completion of all levels they are ready to begin our Pre-Algebra Course.  Even students who are further ahead but have gaps in their knowledge can move through our earlier levels to help solidify their mastery and learn new connections and strategies.
  • Apex-math provides lessons that either include the curriculum to guide a parent or teacher or can be used as a self-paced program for more advanced students.  We are both a teacher text-book and a student practice book.
  • Our scope and sequence may seem a little different.  The reason is because if a student learns something like counting by fives, we want to link that skill to all areas where one would count by five.  Students will learn to count by fives, count tallies, count nickels, and learn how to tell the time on the clock in 5 minute intervals – because of all these items are relative and use the same skill – so we teach it together.
  • Students in the program will move through it faster than a traditional program and be ready for higher level mathematics classes sooner because our program teaches the topics correct to begin with so constant review year after year is not needed. We also use the old topics within the new topics so that the student is always reviewing and moving forward in all our lessons.


We are a new company with a novel and better approach to teaching mathematics!  We will be adding materials that are available for free and other will be available at a fee.

Our ultimate goal is to provide educators, families, and students, math materials that work, make sense, and increase a student’s math self-esteem.

Our products come with a 7-day Guarantee.  If you purchase a program and decide it does not meet your expectations, you can get a full-refund.  For print materials, the purchase price will be refunded for books that have not been used, shipping costs are not refundable.

Our current projects included:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra Review, and Elementary Math Curricula.