May 28, 2017

Progressive Math Curriculum

Progressive Math is a series of mathematics curricula that teaches mathematics progressively.  The math workbook builds on itself by linking new concepts to existing concepts that the child already knows.  Level 1 is designed for K-2.  The BUY NOW button  below is for the DIGITAL VERSION. This is a downloadable file of the book.  It is the full book in pdf file form.  An email with a username and password is emailed to you, after you log in, you will be able to download the book.  If you want a HARD COPY of the book, please click HERE instead.


Progressive Mathematics, Level 1

Progressive Math is a 228-page book that instructs the parent / teacher in how to provide lessons to the student / child as well as provides hundreds of pages of practice for the student.  Level one is designed for grades K-2 or ages 5-8.  Goals of the curriculum are to teach students:

  • Patterns
  • Addition Facts
  • Subtraction Facts
  • Focus on Addition & Subtraction without finger counting
  • Place Value
  • Counting Money
  • Telling Time (to 5 minute interval)
  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
  • Preparation for future multiplication and division
The book provides instruction, including sample dialog on how to teach each lesson.  This is not your traditional workbook that just gives pages of math facts to practice.  We actually teach the child a skill that will make mathematics easier for the rest of their time in school.  We spend a lot of time building number sense and connecting concepts together.  Our problems are specifically designed to gradually increase in difficulty and to provide step by step procedures based on understanding mathematical concepts.
We welcome you to download a free sample lesson from the book to try it out before you purchase.

HARD COPY VERSION - This can be purchased at this link:
Differences between Hard Copy and Digital Copy:
Hard Copy:
1.  It is already printed for you.
2.  Worksheets are ready to go.
3.  You get something physical mailed to you.
4.  It is in black in white.
5.  It is slightly more expensive ($19.95) than the digital copy ($14.99).
6.  You have to pay shipping and handling.
Digital Copy:
1.  You get it NOW!
2.  It comes in color.
3.  It is less expensive.
4.  You can print just what you want.
5.  You must download it - you will not receive something in the mail, it is not a hard copy!
If you have any problems downloading your digital copy, please email us at and we will resolve your problem.
Thank you!